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Build a technology feature list with ExpressionEngine

Before building this website I had no experience with ExpressionEngine. During the process of coding up the templates I came across something that I thought was cool and also something I thought other developers would find useful.

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06/05/12 by Paul Sizer0 comments


We are live

After deciding to take up web design as a hobby almost 3 years ago we have finally decided to form a company. This is something myself and my brother have been thinking about doing for a while now and have never got round to actually doing it.

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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you have a great day and maybe get some shiny new Apple products.

  2. RT @ssizer: @twinlydesign working w/ @Ticcaltd on a site redesign.

  3. RT @ssizer: . @twinlydesign working hard.

  4. @Fishthetiger thanks for the RT :-)